Posted April 22, 2020

Our Covid-19 commitment to supporting marketing efforts.

15% off any Helium Interactive project signed before July 1, 2020.

Built by a team of ambitious creators, Helium Interactive’s mission has always been to provide unique and tailored solutions that allow our clients to excel and thrive in many unpredictable circumstances.  Whether a major e-commerce solution or a more modest brand development campaign, we’ve had the pleasure of providing crucial results to clients of all types.

As we continue to hear the concerns regarding changes in marketing efforts and the continued impact that it could have on businesses, we wanted to try and provide support where we can.  We’re all aware this is far from changing the world but it could have a profound impact on a small business that’s seen their marketing budget cut, or providing hours for the freelancers we have the ability to work with and support.  We truly hope that these efforts can at least provide some form of relief to those who need it and allow you to keep moving forward now, and in the future.

In order to help out as many businesses as possible, this program extends across all Helium Interactive’s services.  From complete website design and development projects to conversion rate optimizations to content creation, we’d love to see if we can provide a solution that helps you push forward.  Here’s what it all looks like:

1.  15% off any Helium Interactive project signed before July 1, 2020.

2.  Projects would not need to start by July 1, 2020 but a deposit would be due with the contract.

3.  You would have until September 1, 2020 to begin any project.

4.  Once a project begins, normal payment intervals would go into effect.

Let us know how we can help.

As Covid-19 continues to touch every aspect of our daily life, we want to try and provide accessible results and continue to foster relationships that allow you to evolve.  If you’re interested in talking through a potential project or simply have questions, let us know and we can start the conversation.
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