Apeks Supercritical | Manufacturing | 2020

CO2 extraction done better.

A reimagined brand identity and digital experience for an innovative CO2 extraction systems manufacturer in an exploding industry.

Creative Direction | Brand Development | Information Architecture | Content Optimization | Search Engine Optimization | Wireframes | Web Design | Web Development | Content Creation | Photography | Videography


Apeks Supercritical wanted to refresh their brand and digital presence to better reflect their innovative spirit.  With solutions for start-ups and large-scale operations alike, Apeks wanted assets that would showcase their dedication to producing industry leading, cost-effective, efficient, CO2 extraction systems.


In collaboration with MoonBee Designs, OMS photo, and Helium SEO, we provided an updated brand strategy with relevant messaging, all new assets including cohesive brand photograph and client spotlight videos, and an optimized website and digital marketing strategy.

Brand Development:

Apeks Supercritical is an accessible and knowledgeable partner for their clients as they grow. They wanted to highlight what makes them unique not only from an engineering standpoint, but also from a client relationship standpoint.  In order to make their identity more approachable, we developed all new brand assets around a refreshed logo, color scheme, and wave accent provided by Heather Spiegel Miller.  The new identity shifts the focus to the client.  Taking inspiration from the output of the machines themselves, the colors and accents provide a framework to display client-focused content.

Identity before:

Identity after:

Photography and Videography:

Part of the effort to bring in more client-focused content relied on the production of all new imagery and customer spotlight videos.  We wanted to create content that highlighted the intricacies of Apeks’ equipment while being relatable.  We landed on close-cropped, lifestyle-type photography and spotlight videos that focused on the individual and their business. We partnered with OMS Photo, one of Cincinnati’s premier photography and video production companies, to provide additional production and on-location direction assistance to ensure the videos were produced within the desired timeframe.

Customer Spotlight Videos:

(click to play)

Site Architecture and Content Optimization:

Apeks is vying for valuable clicks and impressions in a fast growing and competitive industry.  In order to get the most of the website, we worked with Apeks to restructure the site and make applicable content more accessible and easier to find.  Once we prioritized information, we worked with Helium SEO to optimize and implement a comprehensive SEO strategy via keyword research, content creation, internal linking, on page optimization, and backlinking.

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