GeoCentral | Retail | 2019

Earth-based goods.

A complete rebuild of a wholesale experience to provide a custom integration with their inventory management system and better accommodation of online order for new and legacy customers.

Creative Direction | Brand Development | Information Architecture | Content Optimization | Wireframes | Prototyping | Web Design | Web Development


As one of the leading earth-based goods providers in the country, GeoCentral’s previous site did nothing but limit their ability to tell their story and interact with their customers in a meaningful way. It also limited their own team and decreased productivity by providing no relationship between their website and their inventory management system relying solely on manual entry.


We worked with GeoCentral to rethink their tech stack and implement a solution that would streamline their purchasing and fullfillment process. This also allowed us the oppertunity to redesign the site and improve the user experience on the front end while implementing better development practices.

Custom Integration:

Our custom WooCommerce / Sage Integration allows real-time product data from Sage100 to populate into WooCommerce and vice versa. We worked in collaboration with the GeoCentral team, Sage, and Martin and Associated to develop custom functionality on both the WooCommerce and Sage side. Now, the fulfillment team, sales team, and design team can coordinate more efficiently and seamlessly to improve the buying process.

Site Architecture:

Some other major improvements we were able to implement in the design and development process were in regards to site architecture and product organization. With the new communication between the site and Sage, we were able to help GeoCentral recognize content, recategorized products, clean up their internal systems, and improve SEO.

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