PeopleLift | Retail | 2019

Innovative CPG platform.

An all new digital identity for a pioneering CPG mobile advertising platform focused on aligning brands with consumers to create a data-driven connection based on prior engagement and activity.

Creative Direction | Brand Development | Information Architecture | Content Optimization | Search Engine Optimization | Wireframes | Web Design | Web Development


AdAdapted had an extremely relevant and innovative solution for CPG’s but failed to convey their message in a relevant and innovative way.  They prided themselves in providing unmatched data and results through their patented technology but fell short in properly conveying that message.


We worked with AdAdapted to develop and implement an updated visual identity that more appropriately represented their innovative and forward thinking personality.  The refreshed identity and website were intended to convey the innovative and experienced nature of AdAdapted through cohesive color, font, and graphic choices.

Brand Development:

In order to tell the story of who AdAdapted was, we needed to develop a cohesive identity that fit the vision for the future.  We wanted all elements to be clean and clear as they highlighted elements of the brand.  All new icons and mockups were developed to help tell the story of AdAdapted’s industry leading solutions.  A logical dose of animation brought life to the content.

Web Design:

Once we had a cohesive identity, we wanted to build a simple framework that would allow for the new content and icons to help tell the story.  AdAdapted’s value of clarity was the driving force behind the minimalist design that gives the content room to breathe.  Important elements of AdAdapted’s offerings are brought to the center to prioritize the information and reveal the new character.

Information Architecture:

With an increase in valuable, targeting content, the site needed to be expanded and organized in a way to help users navigate to the right place.  Icons are used not only as clarifying elements, but also as “wayfinding” elements to help users move between specific AdAdapted solutions.  Organized information and attention to color cues and clear CTA’s create pages with understandable next steps.
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