Shoppe Geo | Retail | 2019

One-of-a-kind crystals.

An all new B2C brand and e-commerce site to convey Shoppe Geo’s mission of harnessing the earth’s beautiful, unique, and authentic gifts, to create and distribute meaningful, one-of-a-kind items.

Creative Direction | Brand Development | Information Architecture | Content Optimization | Wireframes | Prototyping | Web Design | Web Development


GeoCentral had a long and storied history as one of the leading premier crystals and earth-based goods suppliers in the country.  In 2019, they wanted to develop a direct-to-consumer brand that possessed the same desire and passion to bring high-quality, unique items to the general public.


We worked with Shoppe Geo to develop an identity that would relate to their parent company but be able to stand on its own.  With the intention of conveying a refined yet approachable message, we developed a unique wordmark that wouldn’t detract from the products themselves.  Following the launch of their new B2B wholesale website, we implemented much of the same functionality to give them an easy to maintain integration with their inventory management system.

Brand Development:

Shoppe Geo’s physical products possess an innate beauty that influenced the direction for the brand.  We knew we would lean heavily on the imagery to create a natural color palette so we looked for simplicity in the branding.  The final outcome was intended to be simple and versatile to honor the intricate products, and boldly feminine to compliment the uniqueness.

Custom Integration:

Our custom WooCommerce / Sage integration allows real-time product data from Sage100 to populate into WooCommerce.  We worked in collaboration with the Shoppe Geo team and Martin and Associates to develop custom functionality on both the WooCommerce and Sage side. Now, the fulfillment team, sales team, and design team can coordinate more efficiently and seamlessly to improve the buying process.

Web Design:

As with the brand identity, the focus was put on vibrant, detailed, images of the product to create a grid.  Photos with complimentary color palettes were chosen to highlight the products while making navigation around the site easy and intuitive.
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